DairyMate - for easy herd records

Key Features

  • Current Action Lists
  • Notify BCMS with Births/Movements
  • Statutory Movement Book
  • Herd Fertility Chart
  • Mastitis and Lameness Analysis
  • Generates NOAH Medicine Book
  • Your Herd Data Pre-installed


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Sum-It’s DairyMate software is designed as a practical tool to keep your herd records up to date and provide basic management reports. It is very straightforward to operate and is ideal for herd managers looking to move up from manual records to computerisation.

Using the Herd Diary Card, data can be easily recorded outside in a standard format by anyone. This can then be quickly entered onto the program, instantly updating a range of reports, including notifying BCMS electronically of all passport applications and movements.

Herd Card


  • Easy access to your whole herd, including youngstock, anytime.
  • Current Action Lists instantly tell you who’s due to calve, be served, dried off, Pd’d etc.
  • All births, deaths, purchases and sales automatically update the Statutory Movements Book.
  • Automatically sends your Passport Applications and Stock Movements to BCMS via the CTS Web Services.
  • Records and analyses all cases and treatments for Mastitis and Lameness.
  • Generates NOAH Medicine Book to print out on demand for any regulatory bodies.
  • Easily export all events since a previous milk recording onto your NMR/CIS milk recorder’s disk.
  • Milk Production and Bulk Tank Analysis Reports with Forecasting.
  • An easy-to-read Herd Fertility Chart helps ensure you do not miss any cows getting back into calf.
  • Simple Software Installation includes your full Herd Data pre-loaded for you, ready for use.
  • Links available with your Milk Buyer to import Yield Data to assist with Milk Forecasts.
  • Access to 12 hour telephone support and updates.
  • DairyMate data is fully upgradeable to Sum-It Total Dairy software.

DairyMate Menu

Fertility Action Chart