Total Field - crop management software

Key Features

  • View Individual Field Records
  • Access Assurance Scheme Reports
  • Store Your NVZ Records
  • Analyse Crop Gross Margins
  • Integral Stock Control
  • Plan future Crop Rotations
  • Operates on Palmtops outside
  • Integrates with Total Accounts

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Sum-It's Total Field Management software is designed to provide practical crop records to generate gross margin costings and aid with crop assurance schemes, including machinery servicing and store records for produce. The program's strength lies in its ease of input and flexibility of reporting. Choose from either Starter or Standard levels and both modules will integrate seamlessly with the Accounts module.

With Total Field you can:

  • Record individual field cropping records either on PC or Palmtop
  • Use flexible Season-Start Markers to handle all crop types
  • Keep your records compliant with Assurance Schemes
  • Identify all organic and manufactured fertiliser usage with NVZ Report
  • Calculate N kg/Ha generated by all livestock on-farm and storage needed
  • Switch between Hectares and Acres with one function key at any time
  • Hold historical soil analysis records by individual field
  • Analyse your costings and yields by any criteria
  • Plan future crop rotations as far forward as you need
  • Keep machinery maintenance and grain store records up to date
  • Run multiple sets of field records with just one program

Starter Field

Total Starter Field is designed to provide a simple field recording program to handle the basic data of inputs and outputs for each field, generating crop gross margins and maintaining stock control of all seed, fertiliser and sprays on-farm. Full fertiliser analysis enables an NVZ Report to be generated.

Should you wish to upgrade to the Standard level, this can be done at any time, without needing to re-enter any data.

Standard Field

Total Standard Field includes all Starter Field facilities but goes further to provide enhanced levels of detail for each application to Crop Assurance Scheme standards. LERAP Buffer Zones can be calculated and the Module will link with the PT-Mapper program to display individual field maps on demand.

All Total Standard Field reports can be easily exported into Excel, CSV, TXT and PDF formats.

Comparison Table

Starter Level Standard Level
Field Applications Field Applications
Stock Records Stock Records
Crop Rotation Planner Crop Rotation Planner
Block-book Operations Block-book Operations
Automatic Average Cost Price Automatic Average Cost Price
Crop Summary Reports Crop Summary Reports

Split Field Facility

Split Field Facility

Soil Analysis Records Soil Analysis Records
Produce Store Weekly Checks Produce Store Weekly Checks
Sprayer Calibration Report Sprayer Calibration Report
Machinery Maintenance Records Machinery Maintenance Records
RB209 Information Report RB209 Information Report
NVZ Fertiliser Analysis Report NVZ Fertiliser Analysis Report
NVZ Muck Planner NVZ Muck Planner
Gross Margin Reports Gross Margin Reports
Crop Yield Analysis Crop Yield Analysis
Agronomy Notes Agronomy Notes
Acres/Hectares Switch Acres/Hectares Switch
Integrates with Total Accounts Module

Full Individual Field Records

  Net Margin Reports
  Record Planned Operations
  FEPA Spray Records
  Cost per Tonne Reports
  Farm Assurance Reports
  LERAP Buffer Zone Calculator
  Operator Worksheets
  Advanced Selective Reports
  Link to PT Mapper Software
  Auto-Import Muddy Boots Spray Recommendations
  Integrates with Total Accounts Module
  Data Export to Excel & Word etc.

Palmtop Module

You can record any event as it happens with the Pocket Field Module running on a Palmtop. This imports the field data from Total Field onto the Palmtop to either review what has happened on each field when field walking or input new events, such as spray jobs, as you do them outside. This data can then be synchronised with Total Field back on the office PC at anytime. For further details please click here.

Patchwork BlackBox Module

This enables you to download fieldwork entered onto a Patchwork BlackBox directly into the Total Standard Field Management software to avoid unnecessary data duplication.

Hardware Requirements

Total will operate on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It requires a minimum of 256MB Ram and 50MB of Hard Disk capacity plus an internet connection to receive program updates.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to see the software for yourself, you can request a free on-farm demonstration, with no obligation, or order a free demonstration CD via our Contact Form.