Sum-It Software Users have access to a full backup service via our Support Hotline, not only for when they initially start up but also to ensure that they continue to get the most from their program as their business and data grows.

3 months initial support and updates are included within the software purchase price and thereafter annual support contracts maintain the same level of service.

Our hotline is available 8am to 8pm (office hours are 9am to 5.15pm, mobile phone support after hours) Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. We don't use voice mail or annoying music - when you call us, you get to talk to a human being, in Oxfordshire not overseas!

All our support staff have thorough training in the software, along with agricultural backgrounds, and take the trouble to listen carefully and guide you through your queries with a friendly and approachable manner

The Support Hotline number for Users with current Silver or Gold Support Contracts is 01844 213003.

The Support Hotline number for Users with Bronze or no Support Contracts is 0906 5501086 (9am to 5pm Mon-Fri, Premium Rate line £1/minute).


Program Updates

Sum-It Software never stands still for long, regular updates five times a year ensure any changes in agricultural legislation are implemented. We listen carefully to feedback from our Users with ideas on how to further enhance the software's functionality and these are then considered for development in the next release of the software.

Users are able to download the Updates from our server any time after the release date being prompted by their Total software Reminders screen.

Updates are included for the first three months from purchase and optional annual support contracts will ensure you continue to receive and operate the latest version of the Total software.



Sum-It's Total software is straightforward to operate on a day-to-day level but to really get the most from your Total system we provide a range of courses at all levels on a group or one-to-one basis.

Group courses are periodically held at a number of training centres around the UK. Run by our own Lantra-certified instructor staff, they give Users the opportunity to go through a series of hands-on exercises to explore relevant areas of the software, depending on each course's content.

One-to-one training can be held either here at our Head office in Thame, Oxfordshire or on-site. This type of training is generally a more informal structure geared around your specific requirements for your own business records.

There is often local funding available in your area to cover training costs - contact your local Lantra office for further information. For further details on the next training courses in your area, please contact Gordon on 01844 213003.